Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Start Today

Mattskat at http://loosetooth.blogspot.com/ gave me some good advice when I posted that I have been thinking about starting a blog: Why don't you start today? Which makes sense, I just thought it would be harder somehow. And which is always how things like this go, right? Sometimes it's easy to build up an idea or project into something that seems like such a hassle and will just take you forever and voila: once you actually start it takes less than five minutes. Who knew?

There are lots of things going on in my life: a wonderful marriage, new baby, a love of cooking, a passion for many different types of crafts. So rather than break everything up and try to focus on just one area here at this blog, I'm going to post about all kinds of things. At least that's the plan now -- we'll see how things develop. But I'm so happy to just have a blog up and running -- and very glad that I recognized a piece of good advice when I heard it.