Monday, August 01, 2005

Back from Boston

Husband, Baby and I went to Boston last week for work (husband) and fun (ostensibly, Baby and me). Traveling with a five month old is difficult -- walking with sixteen pounds of baby attached to you via Baby Bjorn, enduring hour long train delays with a little one who has already tested the patience of the passengers in your car, and trying to enjoy a leisurely lunch while praying your fidgeting child does not erupt into a full on freak out -- I do not know how anyone with more than one chid manages it.

My personal highlight of the week came early on, when our car broke down. Long story short, I wound up in the front seat of the car nursing Baby G because I was about to burst while my husband and friend stood off to the side trying not to notice anything unusual while we all waited for the tow truck. I have lost any sense of modesty or dignity now, and have resigned myself to a happier fate of handling unexpected craziness and irritation with as much grace and calm as possible.

Baby is very social and will smile and play with strangers and friends alike. This was the other great realization of last week: that I am becoming a more open and friendly person because of her. Strangers notice the girl from across a room or across a train, smile, start chatting. She responds in such a sweet and unsuspicious way that I find myself following her suit. I imagined the tiredness, frustration and happiness that would come with having a baby, but never would I have imagined that at five months old she would be changing me in ways like this.


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