Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Iced Tea Baby

Baby has been watching us eat and drink for a little while now, and it is hilarious to watch her scrutinizing our every bite and swallow. Before, she had no interest whatsoever -- food was pretty boring and she just didn't seem to see the point. Now, it really doesn't matter what we're consuming, but she is particularly interested if there is a crunch involved.

When it comes to giving the girl her own food to eat, though, she really doesn't seem that interested. She's still happily breastfeeding and at five and a half months weighs 16 pounds. Half of that is distributed between her chubby cheeks and chubby thighs, I think -- she is a gloriously healthy looking baby. There's really no reason to pursue it except her emerging interest in our food. So we tried rice cereal, the traditional first food. We've tried it thick, thin, mixed with water, mixed with formula, in a cup from a spoon... nothing.

However, her dad seems to have figured out what will get her eating... Slim Jims and iced tea. She'll delicately sample the spiced wand and take sip after sip of the tea. I am horrified to think that these are her real first foods, but she loves them both. As I have said from day one, this girl is definitely her father's daughter. These little slips make me wonder, though -- how on earth are we going to get her to enjoy rice cereal now that she's eaten those other things? What kind of miserable eating habits are we teaching her? Given her interest in the telephone lately, I'm sure she's going to be dialing Domino's for a delivery any day now, tossing my plans for organic handmade baby food right out the window.


At 8/11/2005 8:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Slim Jims and iced tea? What a lucky baby.

At 8/12/2005 11:40 AM, Anonymous Pearl said...

I don't know where I am am remembering from but I can completely picture the baby's scrutinizing as you say it.


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