Friday, August 26, 2005

Photo Friday: Chaos

The theme of this Photo Friday is Chaos. Here's a picture I took this morning of a grasshopper. Right now locusts are posing a significant threat to the already instable Darfur region of the Sudan. More information on locusts from the website linked above can be found below. Taken on my Fujifilm FinePix A330, focal length 5.7 mm, exposure time 1/160, aperture f/2.8. I hope you like it! Click the image for a larger view.

Here are some key facts about locusts:
*The desert locust is the single most destructive insect. It is native to Africa, the Middle East and western Asia. A locust measures only 4.5 cm to 6 cm (1.7-2.4 inches) long and weighs two grams but manages to eat its own weight in food every day.
* If an area is unable to support localised populations of locusts they will gather into a single mass, or swarm. This is often precipitated by favourable breeding conditions, which leads to over-crowding and scarcity of food.
* Locust swarms vary from less than one square kilometre to several hundred square kilometres. In each square kilometre there can be between 40 million and 80 million locusts. Swarms can travel 130 kilometres or more per day.


At 8/26/2005 11:37 PM, Blogger mommy d said...

I find it so interesting that you have a post about grasshoppers. I came across one today in my kids playhouse and it kept jumping and hitting them. Very interesting post! Michele sent me!

At 8/27/2005 8:00 AM, Blogger Geekwif said...

Ugh. I can't stand grasshoppers. When I went out to visit our building site the other day they were all over. I don't think it could have been called a swarm, but there were definitely a bunch of them camping out.

Thanks for visiting me yesterday!

At 8/27/2005 10:12 AM, Blogger celeste said...

ewww!! I've been known to scream if I'm just holding in my hand a really good PICTURE of some bug or a snake. So when I enlarged this picture, I was on the verge. But still, I couldn't take my eyes off of it....the detail is awesome. Good shot!

At 8/27/2005 11:07 AM, Anonymous colleen said...

I watched about 100 nighthawks recently for the first time. They fly in a chaotic frenzy. I think they are eating bugs in mid air. I linked to your human clock post today. Cool.

At 8/29/2005 3:41 PM, Blogger Superhero Bob said...

Wow! What a picture!

I've never liked grasshoppers ever since one spit on me as a kid. Ew.

At 8/30/2005 1:13 AM, Blogger Laura GF said...

This -is- kind of a grotesque photo but as Celeste said, the detail is so interesting. My thanks to you all for coming by and taking a look!


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