Sunday, September 18, 2005

Emmy Night

I always watch the Emmys, though the show always make me feel like I do not watch enough television. How I could incorporate more television into my life I really don't know. Anyway, here are my favorite parts of tonight's telecast:
  • Doris Roberts dancing with Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas. I loved that she was so enthusiastic and uninhibited. She looked like she was having the time of her life.
  • Donald Trump and Megan Mullally singing the theme from Green Acres. Priceless and also, how unexpected was that? Also Gary Dourdan and Macy Gray's rendition of Movin' On Up was shockingly good and it made me realize how much I miss watching the Jeffersons.
  • S. Epatha Merkerson accepting for (Lead Actress in a Miniseries or Movie) Lackawanna Blues. She was just so genuinely and adorably flustered at having dropped her acceptance speech down her dress.
  • Dan Rather and Tom Brokaw's tribute to Peter Jennings, and also the In Memoriam section which always causes me to tear up. It is stunning that so many wonderful actors died just this year, but this year is no different in that respect than any other.
So I suppose what I liked most were the unexpected, spontaneous and genuine seeming moments. On this broadcast, they were few and far between. Even Ellen, who I just love, seemed a little off. This leads me to wonder why I even bother with these awards shows. After three hours, I wind up feeling like I wasted an evening but I know that if I didn't watch I'd be irritated that I missed something. Maybe the people who put the show together will change things to try to attract more viewers. As the show is now, and with video captures so easily available online, I wonder how long I'll keep tuning in.


At 9/19/2005 1:12 AM, Blogger Lish said...

Hi, I'm here from Michele's. I didn't watch the Emmy's tonight. I usually do, but I had plans witha friend. We watched the movie Crash, which was excellent but sad.

At 9/19/2005 9:30 AM, Blogger Lisa said...

I totally forgot about the Emmys and TV since I moved. How odd. :)

Hi! I'm here from Michele's.

At 9/19/2005 6:45 PM, Blogger celeste said...

:) I missed Doris Roberts dancing with BEPs' Taboo. I also missed "The Jeffersons" song. I was running back and forth doing homework. But I enjoyed a lot of it, too.
I meant to ask you....since you cook a lot.... Is there a surefire way to boil eggs so that their shell comes off easily? I made really yummy spinach deviled eggs they other day, but difficult peeling made me grouchy! Thought I'd ask in case you know. Thanks :)

At 9/19/2005 8:12 PM, Blogger Becky said...

I was watching in and out of this one. Unfortunately, being in Hawaii and with the time difference, Yahoo headlines kind of spoiled the outcome on the major categories. I thought the Johnny Carson tribute was good, too.

Thanks for visiting my site almost two weeks ago by way of Michele. I went on vacation and am still catching up on saying hi to everyone.


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