Friday, September 02, 2005

Photo Friday: Order

The theme of this Photo Friday is Order. Here's a picture I took last fall at Koko-en in Himeji, Japan. There are nine separate gardens here on the site of the samurai houses that formerly served Himeji Castle and they are all distinctly beautiful. There is such peace to be found here. I still find it restful to see this photo of a place where man made objects and natural ones exist in their own quiet order. Taken on my Fujifilm FinePix A330, focal length 17.1 mm, exposure time 1/60, aperture f/4.8. I hope you like it! Click the image for a larger view.


At 9/02/2005 1:39 PM, Anonymous mercuryfern said...

Hello, Michele sent me.

Re your bee post below: I work at a daycare, and one of my first days there a seven year old boy was stung by a bee. He started crying very hard immediately and leaped into my arms. The only words he could piece together were: “Why are bees real?” The sting seemed to be more painful as a trigger for an existential crises than for the physical hurt it caused. From a seven year old’s perspective, it isn’t exactly intuitive that a yellow and black striped bug will shoot poison into you from it’s rear end, but that giant flying lizards do not ravage the countryside.

Even since, when I feel that the world is being particularly unfair, I have to ask myself why bees *are* real, anyway.

At 9/02/2005 2:12 PM, Blogger Star said...

Veru peaceful image. I have been to Japan twice and would like to return and see more.

At 9/03/2005 12:32 AM, Blogger Nickle Annie said...

What a beautiful image.

Michelle sent me.

At 9/03/2005 12:32 AM, Blogger Yaeli said...

What a beautiful picture!!!

Michele sent me!


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