Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Calling Craft Lovers

Maybe you're looking to buy beautiful and unique handmade items. Or maybe you're a crafty type who's not sure how to sell your stuff. Either way, Etsy is the site for you. The site design is simultaneously cool and helpful, allowing you to search by color, material, time listed, etc. There are very easily affordable things along with more expensive splurges. And they make it so easy for you to set up your own little shop and see if you can move your wares. I'm already thinking about what I could make for this site to sell but I keep getting distracted by the wonderful things they have to purchase. I think that any profits I might make would be quickly plowed back into other crafts on the site. It's incredible to look at the different things that people make that can all be grouped under the umbrella of craft. Honestly, a person could spend hours browsing through this site -- every time I think I'm going to post this, I get lured back!


At 10/27/2005 4:43 PM, Blogger rashbre said...

I shall have a wander to Etsy's site, but first I want to take a stroll around your site. This is my first visit and 'Hello, Michele sent me!".

Like you I tried the blogworth calculation. I think its derived from the average value of an oubound link, based upon a valuation of a big deal. It works out to so many hundred dollars per link. The more links, the greater the value!



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