Tuesday, October 18, 2005


November is National Novel Writing Month, where the people at NaNoWriMo set the incredible goal of writing a 175 page (500,000 word) novel beginning November 1, ending November 30. Last year, 42,000 people participated and nearly 6,000 reached the goal. The idea of writing at this pace is breathtaking and inspiring, and this year I am going to do it (I actually wrote "try to do it" and then the words of Yoda floated through my head and so enough of that -- I'm just going to do it). I am excited and nervous about this challenge and am thinking about how to approach my topic, whether I'll post sections here in place of blog entries, etc. Either way, I'll post about my progress here. Please send any good luck thoughts you can spare!


At 10/18/2005 6:53 PM, Blogger celeste said...

yay! that is too awesome!


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