Monday, October 17, 2005

Vanilla Cake With Apples

To continue the fall theme from yesterday, here's a recipe that Joe and I love this time of year. It's so quick and easy to make but it's just perfect when you want a healthy recipe to capture some of the goodness of the season (okay, it's cake -- there are 200 calories per serving, but that's not so bad for a cake this delicious). I use this recipe from, one of my favorite recipe sites. It's great because you can search for something to make based on what you have, browse by the type of thing you'd like to make and best of all, read reviews from people who've actually made the recipes.

Anyway, the recipe for the white cake is very simple: cream together 1 cup white sugar and 1/2 cup butter. Beat in 2 eggs and stir in 2 teaspoons vanilla extract. Mix 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour and 1 3/4 teaspoons baking powder. Finally, stir in 1/2 cup milk. Pour this into a greased and floured 9x9 pan and bake at 350 for 30-40 minutes or until the center springs back when you touch it. For the topping I use the applesauce that I wrote about here, but you could put chocolate sauce, honey, frosting, just about anything on top and it would be wonderful. I like it warm, Joe likes it cold, either way you try it I think you'll find it's just right.


At 10/17/2005 8:39 PM, Blogger celeste said...

I showed David the picture of this cake...because he wondered why I sat here, saying, "Oh...yum..." Then he said the same thing. Too yummy looking :)

At 10/17/2005 8:54 PM, Blogger MP said...

Looking at that is really making me hungry. Yummy!

At 10/18/2005 8:37 AM, Blogger cream said...

The cake looks homely and oozes with Oomph!
Yummy! Shall have to make it soon!

At 10/18/2005 10:35 AM, Anonymous colleen said...

I like to make applecrisp this time of year! Hi from michele's.

At 10/18/2005 10:36 AM, Blogger Erin said...

How appropriate! I'm making apple pies right now!

Hello from Michele's.

At 10/18/2005 8:37 PM, Blogger Train-Guy said...

Looks good.

Thank you for voting on a train.

Main Street Trolley is a good choice.

At 10/19/2005 9:30 AM, Blogger Rude Cactus said... I'm hungry!


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