Monday, January 23, 2006

The Geranium Sisterhood

This is a closeup of one of the more attractive parts of the geranium hanging in our dining room. We didn't buy it or choose it, it just came with the house when we bought it. And without ample watering over the past year or so (houseplants really get ignored when you bring a new baby home), giant chunks of it have died. It is now a straggly looking thing, with a few tremendous ropes of lush growth and optimistic blossoms like the one shown above. If you could get a look at the plant as a whole, though, you'd probably wonder why we just don't throw it away and start over.

I can't throw it away, though. I've never been able to toss anything other than a completely dead plant out with the trash. Somehow it just feels like unfairly giving up on life. Obviously one exception had to be when our Christmas tree tried to generate new life three weeks after Christmas... but a houseplant has a longer lease on life here. Even after ignoring it and only sporadically giving it the lucky watering it so needed, I feel committed to it. And with some of the growth so beautiful as what you see above, can you blame me?

One of my sisters and I are going through a particularly rough patch right now. Over the summer she suffered a miscarriage and it's very hard for her to hear about life for me with Gretel. There are many other issues that have cropped up over time that have led to us not having a very genuine relationship and the baby/no baby divide has only made things more difficult. It's hard for me, because she used to be my very closest sister and it is undeniable that is not the case anymore. Our relationship is really a lot like that geranium -- some parts of it that were beautiful are simply not there any longer, it will wilt and fall further into ruin if we ignore it, but there are parts that are still wonderful and worth holding onto. It's tough to see how we'll move forward but with 29 years of sisterhood behind us, it is impossible to see how it would fade altogether, let alone tossing it out and never looking back.


At 1/24/2006 10:59 AM, Anonymous Marva Munson said...

What a lovely post. Too many people abandon the whole if all its parts aren't perfect. You seem like a wonderful and thoughtful person, and I enjoy reading your posts very much.


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