Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Looking For A Good Time?

Or maybe just a good meal? I love the FoodieView recipe search engine. You can type in a specific dish or search by ingredients you have on hand that you want to use. Or you can browse by type of dish, cuisine, special considerations, famous chefs, or sources. There is an incredible range of recipes here and it includes my must have feature for any recipe site: ratings.

It's so important to read feedback for recipes from people who've actually made them. In all of my time looking for recipes online, there has been only one time when I've gone astray making a well rated and reviewed recipe. My now-infamous diet chicken was supposed to be lovely chicken breasts browned briefly in a pan and then cooked in the oven while I made a sauce on the stove. Unfortunately, when combined on the plate the dish's effects were two-fold -- first, the chicken was inedibly tough and second, the sauce was actually more of a glue that served to lock our jaws into a closed position. Hence the name diet chicken. You could take one bite, but more than that was impossible. Once we could pry our mouths open, Joe and I agreed that we had to toss the remaining dinner and head out for McDonald's. So perhaps not so much a diet chicken as an advertisement for fast food... in any case, you are very unlikely to have an experience like this one using the FoodieView website. Good luck! I think you'll have a great time looking through the recipes here.


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